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*Indicates a world premier production and/or workshop production of a new play   


*Velvet Rage

Writer, Producer & Dirctor: Moshe Hendersen with Between Us Productions 

Intimacy Director, JUNE 2024 

*Texas Gothic

Written by Randy McHaney 

Director: Paul Dedrick

Producer: Moshi Henderson 

Intimacy Director, APRIL 2024 

*Hard Luck Harry

Producer & Director:  Dane Forgione 

Intimacy Director & Fantasy Magic Consultant, FEBRUARY  2024  

*Los  Nutcrackers,

Producer: BAAD Bronx Academy of Art & Dance 

Director: Chris Rivera & Byrna Raanan 

Intimacy Director, DECEMBER 2023   

*Best Punk Band in Conway, Missouri

Producer: UP Theatre Company 

Director: Rachel Murray 

Intimacy Director,  MAY 2023 

*Tam Lin

Written by Laurel Andersen

Producer: Barefoot Shakespeare Company with  Emily Gallagher & Laurel Andersen  

 Intimacy & Movement Director and Magic Choreographer OCTOBER 2022 

Love's Labour's Lost

Producer: Arachne Theatre Company

Director: Xenia Danylyszyn  

Intimacy Director, JUNE 2023

Twelfth Night

Producer: Match:Lit, Kristin Sgarro

Director: Zeynap Malbrough 

 Intimacy & Movement Director  FEBRUARY 2022

Midsummer Night’s Dream (Staged Reading)

Producer: Match: Lit, Kristin Sgarro   

Intimacy Director & Magic Choreographer  NOVEMBER 2021

King Lear (Staged Reading)

 Producer: Match:Lit, Kristin Sgarro   

Intimacy Director  OCTOBER 2021

Cymbeline (Staged Reading), Producer: Match:Lit, Kristin Sgarro   

 Intimacy Director   JUNE 2022 

The Tempest

Producer: Arachne Theatre Company

Director:  Xenia Danylyszyn

Intimacy Consultant  June 2022 

*Under Woodside by Juliann Lavallee

Producer: Stage Jewels, Juliann Lavallee  

Intimacy Director  AUGUST 2021

*Radio Hour by Laurel Andersen

Producer: Laurel Andersen

Director and Intimacy Director, FEBRUARY 2021

*Modern Day Martyrdom by Chris Rivera

Producer: Chris Rivera

Intimacy & Movement  Director 2019

*Our Own Odyssey  by Chris Rivera,

Producer: Chris Rivera 

Intimacy & Movement Director 2018


BEASTS (Short Film), Producer: Alex Taylor  

Intimacy Coordinator  November  2023


Precious (Short Film), Producer: Nathan Krachman

Intimacy Coordinator, Premiered  December 2023 

Orpheus was an A**HOLE (Webseries), Producer: Turn to Flesh Productions 

Intimacy Coordinator  AUGUST 2021    

Dead Enders (Webseries), Producer: Anna Stacy & Nicole Martinez   

Intimacy Coordinator NOVEMBER 2021  


Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC) 

  • Level 4: Certification Near Completion with IDC. 

  • Successfully Completed Levels 1-3 Advanced Training Program for IDC Certification Pending Candidates 2023

  • Creating Spaces: Community Guidelines and Tools for Talking January 2023

  • Level I and Level II Foundations in Intimacy 2021-2022  

  • Understanding Body Shame & Body Healing 2022

  • Laban for Intimacy Work: A Choreographer’s Toolbox 2022

  • BDSM & Kink Webinar 2022

  • Culturally Competent Productions Dec 2022

  • Supporting Transgender and Non-binary Artists 2021

  • Intro to Trauma Informed Practices for Artists 2021

  • Facilitating Group Closure 2021

  • Pronouns 101 2021

  • Intimacy Direction and Covid 19 2021

  • *Member of the Consent Studio since 2022. 

Intimacy Workshops outside of IDC

  • Intimacy for Performance:  Ashley H. White 2020

Mental Health and Medical First Aid Certifications 

  • Mental Health First Aid Certification Course, Beneath the Brave, January 2023 

  • Certified in CPR/First Aid/AED training by the American Red Cross January 2023

BDSM Specialty Education with The Taillor Group:  

  • Primal Play & BDSM safety and Ethics 2022

Stage Combat Training 

  • Saber: Weapons Specialty Training Levels 1 & 2, (12 wks): NYCSS 2022 

  • Unarmed Stage Combat Workshop (10 weeks): Neutral Chaos, (SAFD Certified Actor Combatant 2022)  

  • Knife: Specialty Weapons Training (10 Weeks): Neutral Chaos, 2022 

  • Single Sword: Specialty Weapons Training (10 Weeks): Neutral Chaos 2023 (SAFD Certified Actor Combatant 2023) 

  • Rapier & Dagger (10 Weeks): Neutral Chaos 2023 (SAFD Certified Actor Combatant 2023) 



  • Physical Theatre Training with Blake Habermann

  • Improbable Stage Company Monthly Movement Workshops, Stacy Donnavan 

  • Actors Movement Studio Summer Intensive: Williamson, Laban, Michael Checkov technique, Maskwork, Viewpoints

  • Devised Movement Work (advanced and independent study through various productions, workshops, and explorations over the last 10 years)

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