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What my collaborators are saying....

“From the very start, Lisa created a wonderfully safe and open environment for our actors and provided tools and facilitated dialogue to help fine-tune our character interactions. She brought immense depth and specificity to these moments and allowed us to explore the foundation of these characters that Informed their moments together. I cannot speak highly enough about what Lisa brought to our collaboration. I could not have achieved the beauty and clarity of these moments without her connection and guidance in the work. She truly elevated our work in an invaluable way, an absolute gift to work with. She has an ease and passion for this type of work, and was an incredible asset to discovering the human truth of how our characters interacted   And fit in the world of the play. ” -Paul Dederick, Director 

“How she approaches the practice and integration of ID/IC work within a production. Her expertise is clear and her collaborative approach makes my own work as a director even more exciting.” -Xenia Danylyszyn, Director

"Her attention to detail, her sparkling script analysis and grasp of intricate storylines, her creativity in creating movements and interactions through her understanding of the story, the gentle steps she took to ease us into the scene, her intuitive understanding of what possibilities rested in our bodies.”   -Amy Finkbeiner, Actor

“Lisa is one of those people who changes the temperature of any room she enters, and suddenly you’re in the middle of a warm summer day. Step by step, she fostered a circle of trust in which we all worked together to conjure a range of intimacies and interactions throughout our play, which brought so many new colors and continued to grow with every rehearsal and performance.” -Amy Finkbeiner, Actor

“In the room, Lisa is instructive, clear, and creative. She took great care to explain exercises and certain actions/steps to myself and the cast in a way that created an atmosphere of safety and learning, promoting deeper explorations of the story we were telling. Her approach is collaborative and her excellent communication skills facilitated everything from pivots when certain movements weren't working to getting buy-in from the cast during more challenging intimacy exercises.”  -Xenia Danylyszyn, Director

“Lisa first established a safe, comfortable and empowering approach to the work, providing key tools and exercises to help ground our actors. She created a healthy separation from the people and the characters they were portraying while constantly making sure the actors' boundaries were established prior to each interaction and respected throughout the work, as well as educated our talent on how to check in with each other for every rehearsal and performance. ”  -Paul Dederick, Director

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