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"Theatre is a safe place to do the unsafe things that need to be done. Act from the depth of your feeling, your imagination. Act for celebration, for search, for grieving, for worship, to express that desolate sensation of wandering through the howling wilderness. Don't worry about Art. Do these things and it will be Art."- JOHN PATRICK SHANLEY

I found this quote on the office door of my favorite acting professor back in college at Florida International University. It changed my whole perspective on acting and my approach to it. It challenged me to be bold, take risks, and to never be afraid to go after the projects and roles I wanted. I have lived by this motto and it has served me incredibly well.

It has been seven years since I moved to New York from Jacksonville, Florida. I am proud to say I have created my own theatre company For Love & Duty Players. You can learn more about it by going to our company's website at Shakespeare and the classics seems to have become my greatest strength in the world of professional theatre though I have always loved contemporary and original works as well.  I have played a number of thrilling roles  including the Andromache in Charles Mee's adaptation of Trojan Women, Paulina in the Winter's Tale, Catherine in David Auburn's Proof, and Rosalind in As You Like It.  

I've also established a blossoming career as a Movement Director. I am becoming well known as the one you call for "The Magic & The Monsters." I believe anyone can do movement work regardless of experience level. All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to play as an ensemble.  My work has been seen across New York in such magical productions as The Tempest, produced by the Fools & Kings Project, Our Own Odyssey by Chris Rivera which was featured in FuezzaFest, and I directed a movement inspired adaptation of King John with Hamlet Isn't Dead. You can see photos of my work as a movement and intimacy choreographer in our Photos & Media page.  

I am a dreamer above all. I believe in the power that a dream can hold and take the risks and the steps necessary to make it possible. With me, you will find a dedicated performer who will make your show her number one priority. I love movement and visual storytelling. I go above and beyond for my cast & crew members to build a true ensemble among my company members. I build characters who are unique and captivating each in their own way. Thank you for visiting my website!

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