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Lisa LaGrande (She/Her) is  an Actor, Intimacy Director, Playwright, and Devised Movement & Fantasy Magic Coordinator. She has been making theatre, telling love stories, and writing epics in New York City for over 14 years.  

Lisa is a dreamer,  an entrepreneur, and advocate, and creator who is always eager to learn something new and find inventive and creative ways to grow and transform herself. 


As an Actor:

Lisa is that joyful and welcoming presence you'd want in any room. She is a dedicated and thorough character researcher, a quick study at learning lines, and always open to play. She comes from a background in strong ensemble work and takes that collaborative energy and creativity into any production she finds herself in. Her resume expands from  plenty of Shakespeare, to contemporary stories,  to  helping develop new work.  She is an advanced devised movement performer and coordinator with a  special flair for helping create magical creatures and spell work on stage. She has her SAFD certifications in Unarmed, Rapier & Dagger, and Single Sword, with experience in Knife and Saber as well. She has a mezzo soprano/Alto range with a belt  and is comfortable singing solo or in an ensemble. 

As an Intimacy Director:

Lisa is the calming and grounded presence you want in any rehearsal room. Her dramaturgical skills in text, character development, physical storytelling  and intimacy work is unmatched. She is a compassionate advocate, uplifting every voice in the room and promotes open communication and valuable consent forward practices that help trust and spark beautiful performances. The Director looks at the big picture of the story, Lisa loves working within the glorious details of every piece of intimate choreography to make certain the story is cohesive, clear, and rooted in truth. She loves the epic love stories, the stories of Queer joy, and everything in between. 

As a playwright:

Lisa has spent the last three years working on a trilogy of Plays called THE SONG OF AVALON SAGA which focused on the Queer and female characters of the Arthurian Legends, mainly Morgan Le Fey.


PART I: The Magpie and the Dragon  (Undergoing Rewrites) 

PART II: The Broken Earth (Undergoing Rewrites) 

Part III: The Cursed Beast (In Development) 

To Learn more, please visit the Playwright section on this website. 



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