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Welcome! Here's What's New! 


When Covid 19 brought to a halt all live performances,  I took the time to look inward and focus on exploring all parts of my creative self in deep and meaningful ways. Ever since, I have expanded my education and training, fully embraced my blossoming career as an Intimacy Professional, and found every acting opportunity I could find in our virtual world until theatre triumphantly returned. Now that the world has fully opened up, I am ready to take that journey into new horizons and I already have exciting developments ahead! 

ACTING: I am delighted to announce I will be playing Prospero in the Tempest with Arachne Theatre Company June 17th-18th at Summit Rock. 

INTIMACY DIRECTION:  I have successfully completed my  Level I and Level II Certification with IDC (Intimacy Directors and Coordinators.) I look forward to completing  Level III later this year.  Until then, I am dedicating myself to further training opportunities in Stage Combat, Movement work, taking seminars and workshops on  working with Trans & Non-binary artists, trauma informed practices, anti-racism, anti-harassment, conflict resolution and all forms of sexuality expression and life styles with IDC and beyond to better serve my community and the stories I will help tell in the future.  

 I  have  had the privilege to serve on a number of projects in 2021 and into 2020 as Intimacy Director/Coordinator: 

Live performance: Twelfth Night with Match:Lit theatre Company. Stage Jewels Production of "Under Woodside" in the park last summer and with Match:Lit's BARDCORE reading series for Cymbeline, King Lear, and Midsummer.  


Film/Television/Webseries: Dead Enders and Orpheus was an A-Hole (Both can be found on Youtube)


To see examples of my intimacy work, please click here

PLAYWRITING: I am incredibly proud to announce that after nearly two years, I have  completed my early development work of my Arthurian Enchantress Trilogy: "The Song of Avalon Saga" More updates coming soon. 

Another piece, "She Who Died For Love," was featured last spring  with Going Dark Theatrics in their production of  "This Lonely Hell" inspired by Dante's Inferno. 

You can learn more about my writing projects by clicking here. 


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